Hi there, i'm Sonia Semy!

Entrepreneur and Social Media Influencer.
Proud Owner of Nacho with Sonia.
Proud Owner of Signature by Sonia Salon & Spa.
Professional Dancer.


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Who is Sonia Semy?

Sonia came to Canada from Mumbai, India and moved here when she was just 22. She started her own event-based management and dance company "Nacho with Sonia" and built it firmly on her passion and love for dance. After, she started Signature by Salon & Spa, as the name suggests a salon and spa company. She has not only been able to grow and achieve these milestones with the company but also because Sonia truly has a strong passion for what she does. Being an entrepreneur, outside of the office Sonia also influences many others in achieveing similar things through the use of her popular fan-base through social media.

Work Experience:

Operating Nacho with Sonia - 2015 to date
Operating Signature Salon and Spa – 2017 to date
Operating & Managing a Dance Studio – 2017 to date
Owned & Managed Salon 10 by Sonia - 2009 to 2019

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Nacho with Sonia

Nacho with Sonia is ready to rock all your events, solo or as a team. Bollywood style performances for your parties, christmas and new year events or even your office/home party. From one on one dance class, to personalized training or even custom choreography for weddings. You name it! With many years of experience in the field, we are ready to assist you in any way possible.

Personalized Training

Have two left feet or you think you cannot dance? Let me take you on that journey of free spirited dancing where no one can judge you.

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Weddings and Private Events

Custom choreography for weddings included for both the bride and groom. Bollywood and Semi classical dances also available.

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Studio Rental

Rent our dance studio for either small gatherings or group get togethers. With a modern and fairly sized studio, entertaining guests will not be a issue!

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The Dance Studio

The dance studio is modern, clean and has a great overall enviornment with a fully equipped high-quality sound system. What comes before dancing is a good atmosphere to dance in and this studio delivers that.

Diamond Da Challa | Nacho with Sonia

Here is Sonia performing her own choreography for "Diamond Da Challa". Check it out!

Aasman Mein Jaise Badal Ho Rahe Hain | Nacho With Sonia

Here is Sonia performing her own choreography for "Aasman Mein Jaise Badal Ho Rahe Hain". This video has 500K+ views on Sonia's YouTube channel! Check it out.

Signature by Sonia Salon & Spa

With over 10 years of experience in the field, Signature by Sonia Salon & Spa offers hair treatments, facials, body massages, back scrubs and many more services. Attention to detail and quality is our first priority and we are not satisfied unles our clients are. We are fully equipped with a facial & massage room plus a pedicure station.

Hair Treatments

For more information, please give us a call and will be more than happy to assist you!

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For more information, please give us a call and will be more than happy to assist you!

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Body Massages

For more information, please give us a call and will be more than happy to assist you!

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The Salon & Spa

Fully loaded with top quality equipment ensured to help us get the job done. Facial and massage room plus a state of the art pedicure station.

Awards and Accomplishments

Sonia was the only South Asian individual to have been invited to perform at the Danforth Festival and also held three consecutive successful dance showcase events with objective of removing the Taboo associated with dance in certain communities. She was also awarded "The Best Salon" from Groupon.


2019 Woman Entrepreneur Award

Sonia had the privilege to win the RPA's (Registered Professional Accoutant) 2019 Woman's Entrepreneur Award during small business week for both her companies, Nacho with Sonia and Signature Salon and Spa. The award


Women's Day Certificate of Appreciation

The Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to Sonia on March 9th, 2018 in recognition of being a exemplary role model to Women Worldwide by showing how to Motivate, Elevate and Inspire.


City of Brampton: Certificate of Recognition

Sonia was awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the Mayor of Brampton for bringing a successful show and promoting multiculturalism. She was a part of the woman day celebration and was recognised for the same by the Mayor.

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Nacho with Sonia



Nacho with Sonia



Nacho with Sonia

Smart n Gourmet Rice Commercial

Sonia was given the oppurtunity to be in a premium basmati rice commercial. A popular brand trusted by many people in the Greater Toronto Area

City News Interview

Sonia was interviewed by numerous news broadcasters at the Danforth Music Festival where she got the oppurtunity to perform what she does best.

Influencing through Social Media


I think any successful business starts with your heart and not your mind.


Entrepreneur & Influencer

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